Collaborative Meeting: Wednesday, November 17th, 12:00-1:30

At the meeting we will be joined by Pete Friedman, Deputy Director of the Planning Department for the city of Meridian, who heads up their Sustainability efforts. It will be an interesting, informative presentation with insight into Meridian's green initiatives! (find their Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy under "Long Range Planning" on this website:
In addition, we will make time to address the following:
**Update on current regulatory issues related to energy efficiency and   
**Update on legislative issues related to energy
**Signing the final Collaborative Endorsement Form
**Authoring and finalizing the Collaborative website pages
**Learning about an Idaho Green Expo opportunity

We hope that you will consider coming--we need you to join us in these important discussions!  This is a big agenda with a lot of major components, so your participation and input is paramount!
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